The management and optimisation of gas deliveries are one of the biggest challenges for LPG distributors. Gasbot's cutting-edge technology is unlocking the power of remote monitoring at low price point. Through strong innovations led partnerships, we aim for the impossible to become possible. Based in Brisbane, Australia, Gasbot is committed to helping LPG distributors understand gas levels and optimise gas deliveries right across their fleet, efficiently and cost-effectively.

The Challenge

Getting a comprehensive understanding of gas levels across the entire fleet of LPG tanks and cylinders will allow for logistical process optimisation. Monitoring gas levels at scale is a critical necessity to better understand what is going on across a fleet of assets. These insights will allow for optimising gas deliveries and better customer service. Traditionally, monitoring solutions have been too expensive and too complicated to install at scale.

The Solution

Gasbot’s remote monitoring solution has emerged as an efficient and cost-effective approach to enable adoption of telemetry solutions at scale. Gasbot offers innovative cutting-edge and low-cost hardware and software solutions, and a suite of products that can be installed and monitored from anywhere at low cost.

The Future

Gasbot is collaborating with LPG distributors to identify critical network and process challenges & will continue to develop the capabilities to deliver a wide range of products to be able to connect entire fleets of LPG assets. Gasbot’s mission is to liberate data from LPG (propane) use cases globally and aims to make the impossible profitable.


Getting your entire fleet of LPG assets connected

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